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 Babidi app

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PostSubject: Babidi app   Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:35 pm


1. What is the name of your character in game?

2. List all job levels from highest to lowest (include all jobs level 20+).
WAR 75 MNK 75
WHM 70 BLM 75
RDM 75 THF 75
PLD 75 DRK 75
BST 75 BRD 75
RNG 75 SAM 75
NIN 75 DRG 75
SMN 75 BLU 75
COR 75 PUP 42
SCH 75 DNC 51

3. List what mission you are currently on (if complete simply mark "X").
Rise of the Zilart- X
Chains of Promathia- X
Treasures of Aht Urhgan- X
Wings of the Goddess- In the Name of the Father
A Moogle Kupo d'etat- X
A Crystalline Prophecy- X
A Shantotto Ascension- X

4. What time zone do you live in (eg Eastern GMT -5)?
EST - Puerto Rico

5. Would you be willing to do events with this LS?
yes if im free, i do limbus thusday @ 9:00PM est and sunday @8:00 est, dynamis sat @ 4:00 est. if u gay do dynamis i can do with this ls.
6. Can you follow orders given by a sack even if it means you will die?
7. Who referred you to this Linkshell?
8. Did you read the Linkshell Rules and do you agree to follow them?
9. Any additional comments you wish to add?
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Babidi app
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