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 Application for Anataboga

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PostSubject: Application for Anataboga   Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:17 pm

1. What is the name of your character in game?


2. List all job levels from highest to lowest (include all jobs level 20+).

Main: Samurai 75 (full merits, Archery 8/8, GK 8/8, Polearm 4/8, STR 5/5, HP 4/8, Other 2x 4/4, Meditate recast, Store TP, Shikikoyo, Overwhelm, all 5/5)

Black Mage 75 (Just hit 75 this week, so almost unmeritted 2 AMII, 4/8 MP, but i'm on a merit kick until i finish it)

Paladin 75 (unmerited, unwanted, retired lol)

Dancer 42
Ninja 40
Warrior 40
Ranger 38
Thief 37
Red Mage 37
White Mage 37
Monk 22

Also, I have Cooking 83

3. List what mission you are currently on (if complete simply mark "X").
Rise of the Zilart- 15
Chains of Promathia- X
Treasures of Aht Urhgan- 22
Wings of the Goddess- 4
A Moogle Kupo d'etat- N/A
A Crystalline Prophecy- N/A
A Shantotto Ascension- N/A

4. What time zone do you live in (eg Eastern GMT -5)?


5. Would you be willing to do events with this LS?

Yes, i am looking for an emphasis on Sky, but i also do Limbus, and would like to start Einherjar, and Salvage when i get my assault rank up

6. Can you follow orders given by a sack even if it means you will die?

Umm, you mean die in game, then yes Wink

7. Who referred you to this Linkshell?

I shouted in WG, and Shadowmaster started talking to me, and I've known Reign for a long time, Ika too

8. Did you read the Linkshell Rules and do you agree to follow them?


9. Any additional comments you wish to add?

My last shell was run by an eletist little jerk, who's primary fun was busting everyones balls, and financing his friends relics with LS currency, and if there is someone in here like that, i'll be gone pretty quick. But the folks i know in here were (are) lotsa fun, so I'm looking forward very much to running with you guys ^^
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Application for Anataboga
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