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 Linkshell Rules

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PostSubject: Linkshell Rules   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:23 am

Although ComfortablyNumb is a chat only shell, if you can not abide by these rules set forth then you do not need to be in this Linkshell.

1. We allow anyone to apply to us, this does NOT mean that you will be accepted. It is only a way of letting us know you are interested. All applications require a majority sack approval to be allowed in. You will be notified in game of our decision.

2. We are a friendly bunch (most of the time LOL). We will NOT tolerate overly greedy members or members only applying for personal gain Do NOT come into the LS and start begging for items/gil etc. (You must be willing to give to receive).

3a. Language. Due to many members having children cussing/cursing/swearing/etc will be allowed between the times of 12AM (midnight) EST and 8 AM EST. We do ask that all applicants be at least 18 years of age OR have an adult watching at all times. Sometimes words do slip, when this happens you will be asked to be careful of you language. Overly abusing this may lead to removal from the LS.

3b. Ranting/Raving. We understand that the game can get frustrating. When this happens it is normal to "Go off". Venting/ranting is fine for awile; however, if it continues for too long you will be asked to tone it down.

4. NO intentional MPKing of anyone, ever, for any reason.

5. We do NOT tolerate Gil/Item buying or selling for real money. If you are caught buying/selling with RMT you will be kicked from this LS.

6. Do not bring excessive drama into the linkshell. We all understand getting mad or upset, but please try to keep it to a minimum.

7. Disrespecting a sack or any other member will not be tolerated, and could lead to removal from this Linkshell group. This includes using /say /linkshell /tell /party /emote or any other means. Screenshots can tell alot so be mindful of your actions and/or words.
*There is a big difference between playful banter and down right disrespect.
*Remember if you are not happy with another member(s), Sack(s), Sacks decision(s) etc. please bring it to a sacks or leaders attention. If it is a major problem please send screenshots/pics if you can. A picture is worth more than any one persons recount of an incident. This will assist in any possible disciplinary action.

8. We do NOT care if you currently have any other Chat or HNM LSes. Please be aware that many other HNM LSes have rules against this so make sure it is acceptable before you submit your application.

9. These rules can be modified and/or changed at any time. It is the responsibility of all members to stay updated as to any changes.

10. These rules are in addition to the rules of conduct set forth by SE within the user end agreement for Final Fantasy XI.

11. Failure to follow any of these rules may lead to removal from the LS.

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Linkshell Rules
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